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Title: 2020/4/24 18:25:58
Are you guys delivering still?
Title: 2020/2/8 14:20:46
Just got the order and not sure who new cooked but Triple Szechuan Flavors was oily and not like any other time order. General Tso also not same. We order frequently from here and disappointed with this delivery
Title: 2020/12/24 8:57:46
I want a delivery order for six or seven people for tonight. How far in advance should I send the order to you?
Title: 2020/10/23 10:11:41
Sherri, kitty, peter, Are you open for sit down meals yet. Don't want to drive from Rochester if your not. Bill
Title: 2019/9/4 9:25:27
Good morning! I’m reaching out to you because one of our local Northern Arizona University groups mentioned you as a place they’d love to host a Give Back night. There are over 490 groups just around the corner from you in Flagstaff are currently looking to host events at restaurants like yours this month, where they spend an average of $700 per event. Hosting in-house fundraisers at Salsa Brava is a profitable customer acquisition strategy that builds your brand, increases sales, and shows your community that you care. You can create a listing in 3 mins here: If you have any questions about the program or getting started, please let me know. John Pangan P.S. I’d love to hop on a call with you. Is (254) 307-7771 the best number to reach you at?
Title: 2019/9/24 7:45:27
Good morning, Moon Star would be a great option for our student groups at Suny At Binghamton to host fundraising events. It’d help you fill seats on slower nights while building strong community and customer ties. Plus 340+ other groups such as non-profits, PTAs and high school clubs are currently looking to host events in Endicott as well. Get Moon Star connected with Suny At Binghamton groups here: P.S. Let’s get connected. Do you have a preferred email?
Title: 2019/9/10 8:35:15
Morning, I just wanted to follow up about your interest in hosting Give Back nights at Lumberyard Brewing Company for local Flagstaff groups. Your restaurant was recommended by one of the student groups at Northern Arizona University as a place they’d like to host events, and 800+ other Flagstaff groups are currently looking to host events as well. You can learn more here: John Pangan P.S. Let's schedule a time to chat. What is the best number to reach you at?
Title: 2019/8/27 9:45:31
We have a Chinese restaurant in Binghamton, 1250 Upper Front Street (old Ames center) that is closing. Would you like to open a new restaurant here? My name is Brian. 201-650-7948
Title: 2019/5/12 9:11:59
Today 5/12/2019 I want to come at 2:00p.m. do I need a reservation?(3 people)
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