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Title: 6/27/2016 7:28:49 PM
I just got an order from you tonight and it's really good but you mistook two orders of
Title: Caroline5/3/2016 3:21:31 PM
Hello! I would like to have a birthday dinner at moonstar tomorrow at 6:30. 7-9 people will be coming. Is it necessary to make a reservation?Thank you,Caroline
Title: 2019/6/15 19:41:08
I got Szechuan Chicken and its normally great. But today it was like eating straight sugar. And when i tried to call in i got no answer. I couldnt eat it because it was so bad, i ended up throwing it away. Im really dissapointed.
Title: 2019/5/12 9:11:59
Today 5/12/2019 I want to come at 2:00p.m. do I need a reservation?(3 people)
Title: 2019/4/27 14:06:44
I need I vegetable soup
Title: 2019/2/10 15:32:56
I know where your End well store is.....can't find your address in Endicott to pick up my order......sorry
Title: 2018/5/8 17:51:32
Sherri, Kitty, Amy, Peter We are all moved into Rochester and can not find a good Chinese Restaurant in the local area. We miss you and wish you the best. Please email us back and send us the recipe for hot green pepper with pork soup. Bill and Debbie
Title: 2018/5/10 17:06:17
May I make reservations for 6 people for Saturday (5/12) at 5:30 pm???
Title: 2018/12/13 20:33:10
Do you offer/sell gift cards on your website?
Title: 2018/1/20 13:09:51
The delivery man is very rude and does not speak English well. He always complains about his tip, he laughs, curses in Chinese and yells. I will call the police next time, fuck that asshole.
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